Associate works with East Africans to provide food, clean water

Christian East African Economic Development (CEED) has been working with East Africans since 1999 to show and teach them to develop self-sustaining projects that will improve their health, put food on the table and develop clean water sources. CEED's Water Solutions for Africa initiative is centered in the town of Hoima, which is in the Bunyoro-Kitara region in the Great Rift Valley geological system. Since 2018, they have drilled or rehabbed more than 500 new water wells (boreholes), providing clean water to more than 750,000 people. From May 2-16, 2023, Sisters of Divine Providence Associate Jane Kerr was with CEED in Hoima and witnessed their new water well rig. She will return to Hoima from July 24-31, 2023, to connect and introduce ECHO, Inc. to the region. Jane said, "I invited ECHO to join me and evaluate Uganda’s small farmers’ needs. I hope to buy shovels, hoes, seeds and rubber boots (snakes) as startup tools for Uganda’s rural farmers, hopefully near some of our well sites, and that ECHO can train and support the small farmers in achieving better crop yields." For more than 40 years, ECHO has been teaching small-scale, sustainable farming methods so hungry families can provide for themselves and their communities.