Ketteler House of Refuge

The history of our community to host and assist refugees has a long and proud record that includes the evacuation from Vietnam; La Posada Providencia in San Benito, TX; Room at the Inn in Bridgeton, MO; and Charity House in Pittsburgh. In March 2023, we renewed our efforts to address the refugee crisis in our country and established the Ketteler House of Refuge on our property at Providence Heights in Allison Park, PA. The goal of this ministry is to provide temporary housing for our guests and all that is necessary to ensure they will become self-sufficient. In May 2023, we welcomed a family of nine from the Republic of the Congo. We spend time each day with the family, addressing their needs and teaching them English. They also attend church, go grocery shopping and, this past summer, participated in children’s camps and adult education courses. Language is difficult, but the family is willing to try. This family has enriched us in ways beyond description as we offer them our love and hospitality. We hope that we are the face of Providence for them. Please keep this family and ministry in your prayers.