Redemptorist Sabbatical Program Provides Rest, Spiritual Renewal, Immersion, and Fun in the Desert

By Peter Tran | Redemptorist magazine | May 27, 2023

TUCSON, Arizona–Blanca is a mother of three children. A native of the southwestern Guerrero State of Mexico, she packed up her three children and fled up north to the U.S.-Mexico border after witnessing the murder of her husband. The four of them were attacked by a group of gang members. “They were shooting at our vehicle, more than 30 bullets. Thank God, my three children and I were spared, but not my husband,” said Blanca as tears filled up her eyes. 

Blanca was telling her story to the participants of the spring 2023 “Contemplative Study and Retreat Sabbatical,” who were visiting the Kino Border Initiative in Nogales, Mexico. The 10 priests and sisters from around the world were visiting this Church-run center in Mexico that provides shelter, educational and legal aid, daily meal for the would-be asylum seekers. The priests and sisters spent a day in late April, serving lunch to the migrants, and providing entertainment to migrant children.

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Pictured: Sunrise from the Redemptorist Renewal Center